Get A Loan from These Stupid Lenders

Get A Loan from These Stupid Lenders

Don’t you just feel great is you walked into a bank to get a loan, and you discovered that there was no lending standards?

You just happened to come into the bank during a special lending period during which there were no requirements for collateral, nobody cared if your business was profitable, nor did you have to make any sense explaining how you were going to pay back the loan?

In reality the only thing you had to say was that “you needed the loan, now, today preferably, before you walked out of the bank. And if possible, could it be for a billion dollars, no, make that $25 billion!

Well folks ,that is the short explanation of what public education educated congressional watchdogs of our tax money are now doing. So, get in line, the patients are running the asylum !
Any lender, in fact anybody with any brains will tell you that a bank will consider lending money to a business with a history of successful operations, and a profit forecast that shows how the loan can be repaid.

Our politicians, most of whom have never had a real job or ever run a business, do not know this “secret” to successful lending.

They in fact are ONLY willing to lend money to borrowers with NO CREDIT, NO possibility of repayment of the loans, and only if they are in business models destined to never make money, such as the auto industry in America. They are only lending money to losers, instead of successful businesses that will continue to operate at a profit, and will actually continue to employ people.

They are not even remotely considering lending money to any successful business. They are only supporting losers. They say that they are doing this to save jobs.

This is what they would have said to the last horse buggy manufacturers, and the last street gas light manufacturers, and the last steam locomotive manufacturers, and the last horse plow manufacturers and the last horse rental business, and the last musket manufacturers. “We have to save these jobs!”.

Dummies….this is elementary…the auto industry will NEVER be saved by government supported artificially unrealistic wages and benefits of $75 an hour. Nobody can afford the cars that they build.

I just saw at a WAL-MART, a Chrysler Charger automobile with a sticker price of $45,000!
The last time I bought it, it was $3,900, and therefore it was affordable.

The auto industry needs no saving. There will be a need for autos, and they will always be built by some company. Do these autos have to be built by companies that are pricing their product out of reach of their buyers? Yes….so go figure, they want to save an industry from shutting down even though consumers do not want their product…go figure.

There will always be auto companies to meet consumer demand….at some price and on some terms that only a free market will dictate.

Just name one thing the government can do correctly ? Go ahead…Think about health care the government way…think the VA hospitals for instance; rats, mice mold and dicey healthcare provided by people that can hardly speak English.

Now, they only want to lend money to losing businesses…what a business model for guaranteed failure.

I will give you odds as a bookie on how much GM and Chrysler will re-pay of the loans…make that 100 to 1 that they will never repay the loans…..


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