The ZOMBIE companies are back for more money, their life line. Without this money they are DEAD...well not really, they will go into a debtor's "heaven", called bankruptcy reorganization.

The leader of GM, Rick Wagoner (also known as NOSFERATU), was back with his Zombie plan to keep the Zombie company alive another few months....and with him, as the me too Zombie, Jr., -Chrysler...the "minnie me" Zombie.

These are true Zombies, Zombie companies, truly the walking dead!

They are back looking for $39 BILLION now!

Why do WE have to feed the Zombies ?

GM and Chrysler do nothing to help us the consumer....nothing. Let me correct that, they raise prices on automobiles beyond the ability of the average Joe to afford them, and they artificially cause wages and benefits to exist for work that is not at a competitive rate.

If people do not want to buy a car because it is too expensive, or lacks the expected standards of workmanship, why do we or our government have to keep them propped up, on life support ?

Why does the government think that it needs to support an unaffordable product...?

Why would this company be able to pull out a miracle by just borrowing more money that it can NOT repay?

That thinking does not make any sense.....lending more money to a company that is in a death spiral due to costs that are out of line and will continue to be so?

Both GM and Chrysler need to get their costs in line though a new employee contract that brings wages and benefits to the new reality....not a fantasy!

If the companies are allowed to reorganize, they will become viable...they will never be viable as we need this many auto companies to begin with????/

The entire auto industry worldwide has the capacity to produce 90 million vehicles (1500 different models)....yet this year it would not likely produce 60 million.

If we lose a name or two, or if they offer less vehicles, so what!

Maybe they can merge, maybe they can get more creative etc....maybe they can make cars people want to buy NOW.

Do not feed the Zombies, they will eventually take over it you do, as is clarly the case with these two Zombie companies.

Worst of all, the government is providing funding to BAD companies, to losers that will never pay back the loans, and it is cutting off credit to worthy companies that are making it that are providing jobs and a future for their employees and stockholders.

Go the "real" world, not the fantasy world of political agendas, the good companies get the loans.....not the one's that will not repay them.


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