It was bound to happen, it finally happened...the long anticipated but always misunderstood FICO people attacked !!!!

Who are these FICO people?

Well in case you never had a credit card or bought anything ever on credit, you my fellow Americans, are not actually human (surprise!) you are just a FICO score!

Secret computers calculate everything you have done financially; bought a car, paid a loan, even a utility bill timely or late payment, may be considered by these faceless computers in determining you FICO score.

So, your entire life is down to your FICO score.

Based on this score, you can get a high or a low rate for your credit cards. Based on this score, you can get or not get auto insurance and the rate you pay will also be based on this score.

You may or may not get a job based on this score...but most importantly, your ability to get a home loan and at what rate, and terms, will be determined by your FICO score.

So my friends, the most important thing in YOUR life is not your spouse, your children or grand-children, but it is your FICO score.

During this financial "crisis", your FICO score is very important since it will determine if you can re-finance your home, or not. It will determine if your credit card company will give you a larger credit limit on your charge cards. It will determine if, after being tossed out of your house through foreclosure (a real FICO score killer), you will be able to rent an apartment.

More and more people now understand thei FICO score and know how to obtain it. The services that offer this, love the business, because you feel compelled to check it at least monthly, and each month is a fee to them to satisfy your curiosity.

Each of the three credit bureaus (you know who they are) can never seem to agree on what you FICO score is, so they each give you their version of your FICO. For instance, in my FICO score, one of the bureaus is always lower than the others even though all report the same information.

So much for computers! FICO this, you faceless computers!

The revenge was bound to happened on live TV on CNBC...a most unlikely place.

Its Chicago well known reporter (Rick.......) started ranting about the mortgage bailout being available only to the those low FICO score people (sort of a "Morlock" race) who all the rest of us other FICO's are forced to support.

The people around him on the floor of the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) started howling how they agreed with him and then he wanted to send a message to President Obama...that they will not accept such actions; rewarding the low score FICO people, the losers at the expense of the higher FICO people...those who are working , those 97% that are not getting anything out of the rescues, bailouts, tax credits, etc....

The FICO attack has started. All the FICO people now want money, help, bailouts, mortgage rate adjustments, principal resuctions on their debt,...they do not want all this to only go the the low FICO's.

Why not, everyone needs a FICO improvement....not just those that have been lying on their applications for loans they could not afford, and those who are not responsible in their financial affairs.

A poll was taken and showed 94% of people polled siding with Rick.....2% were NOT SURE.

Well Rick...we're with you....lead the FICO attack!


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